I am the staff Graphic Designer for an independently female-owned car magazine for women called Girls 'N Garages magazine. I contributed to the start up of the magazine as an original member of the staff. 


I work remotely for this magazine based out of Massachusetts, contributing editorial layout, articles, and photography for the publication. This magazine is in both print and digital formats, and is currently on its fourth issue and gaining traction. 


I contributed photography and articles for the following automotive events:

1. East Coast Bash 2015, Englishtown Raceway, New Jersey 

2. Springfest 2015, Virginia Beach, Virginia

3. SEMA Automotive Conference 2015 & 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada


I've also written the following articles:

1. "Taking Insecurities Out of the Mechanic" (September 2015 issue)  

2. "Pretty in Pink: Turning Her Loose" Featured Vehicle (June 2015, First issue)

3. "Her Simple and Clean Lifestyle" Featured Vehicle Acura TL (September 2015 issue)  

For more information about Girls 'N Garages magazine, go to for sponsor & subscription information. 


Drifting: driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, with loss of traction in the rear wheels or all tires, while maintaining control and driving the car through the entirety of a corner. 

In my free time, I've taken on a volunteer role as a Marketing Director for a local organization called Traction Optional LLC. Traction Optional coordinates events for the sport of drifting in the Memphis area. My role has consisted of social media promotion and marketing, creating the driver support program and communicating with sponsors/partners, and coordinating media at our monthly events.

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